11/21/16, Precipice Award Funds Art Writer’s Tiny Residency

The Precipice Fund provides critical support for artist-driven organizations, projects, initiatives, and publications that exist on the edge of new practice. These projects operate outside of traditional forms of support, galvanize communities, promote critical dialogue, and encourage generative and expansive artistic process while driving culture forward regionally and nationally. These often informal, anti-institutional, serious, intentionally nebulous, and innovative projects are an integral part of the greater Portland region’s vital art ecology and are emulative of the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest.


Art Writer’s Tiny Residency


The Art Writer’s Tiny Residency is aimed to support and cultivate critics, theorists, and historians working in or around the field of contemporary art. This residency will provide three art writers with a short-term residency, pair these writers with Portland-based artists for studio visits or collaborations, and will culminate in a public Open Studio where each writer will showcase their work. This residency will build opportunities for dialogue and collaboration between art writers and artists. Curated by Peter Simensky and Sampada Aranke, The Art Writer’s Tiny Residency hopes to showcase writers who transgress the thin line between ‘writing’ and ‘artistic production. As curators Simensky and Aranke will curate writers who emphasize how visual and embodied art practices by queer artists and artists of color open up new forms of knowledges and sociality.



The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual ArtsCalligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti

Precipice Fund is administered with lead support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti, as part of the Regional Regranting Program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.