9/6/17, The Art Writer’s Tiny Residency, Sarah Dilley

Open Writer’s Studio / conversational kickback

and potluck

with Sarah Biscarra Dilley and  Ana Margarita Briseño


The Art Writer’s Tiny Residency is aimed to support and cultivate critics, theorists, and historians working in or around the field of contemporary art. This project showcases writers who explore and engage post-1960s art practices by queer artists and artists of color that open up new forms of knowledges and sociality. Each residency culminates in an Open Writer’s Studio, where the writer-in-residence will present their work to the public.


Please join us for our second Open Studio event with Sarah  Biscarra Dilley and Ana Margarita Briceño on Wednesday, September 6th at 6:00 pm (3106 NE Davis Street Portland, Oregon 97232). Come for food and drink. Feel free to bring a dish to share.

Sarah Biscarra Dilley is an artist and scholar currently residing in the unceded homeland of the Chochenyo (Ohlone) people. Being raised in Chumash, Chicanx, and queer family traditions directly informs her focus, using found footage, cut paper, archival material, handwork, language and thread to trace landscapes of resilience and shifting relationships of belonging, displacement, and home. Her academic and visual work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, individually and alongside Black Salt Collective. While much of her foundations are shaped by body, land and the worlds in and around us, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Native American Studies at University of California, Davis.



Ana Margarita Briseño is an artist and musician from the Central Valley of California, currently based in Portland, Oregon. She attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland State University, graduating with a Bachelors Of Arts in 2010. She has been in over a dozen musical projects and has been featured in Vice Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine, and Discogs. Most recently she co-founded, ‘No Control,’ a crew of women DJs, producers, and electronic musicians and frequently DJs under the moniker, CASUAL AZTEC.




The Art Writer’s Tiny Residency is organized by Sampada Aranke and Peter Simensky and funded by generous grants from:

The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art

The Precipice Fund, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art

The Calligram Foundation