• Consulting Mediums. Finding Meaning(s) in Uncertain Times. 2009, rugs, acrylic paint on aluminum, brass, concrete, maple branch, yucca pole, carnation, steel, and color photograph.
  • Archimedes Screw, 2011, oil on Persian carpet, wood, string, arrowhead, 20’ x 36” x 36”.
  • Archimedes Screw, 2011, Gassert Grunert Gallery, NYC. Performance views
  • Fountainhead, 2010. Ramiken Crucible, New York. Performance View
  • Grand Prismatic - Reflex & Reflection, 2010. Chalk on brass tube & ink on carpet, 30" diameter x 1/4" & 47 x 62"
  • Fountainhead, 2010. Bronze cast root & ink on carpet, 30 x 40”Installation view: Green Honey curated by Andrea Cashman and Borden Capalino. Ramiken Crucible, New York.
  • Tracing a Bowline in the Snow (Lucky Rabbit), 2012-2015. Bent wood and rabbit’s foot. Ink and crushed glass (“diamond dust”) silk screened on paper on glass sheet. 72 x 48 x 30” Installation view, E.O. Hoppe Exhibition with responses from Storm Tharp, Jeanine Antoni, Peter Simensky, Marc Joseph Berg, and Cindy Sherman. Reed College 2015
  • Mating Lines, 2012. Red oak and rabbit’s feet. Ink and crushed glass (“diamond dust”) silk screened on paper on glass sheets. 80 x 96 x 32”.

Consulting Mediums / Dowsing Sculptures

A collection of works and actions inspired by the science of dowsing. These sculptures, prints, installations and performances rely on personal invested usage as a form of inquiry into special powers and underground sources of fortune. These works include variations of tools for prospecting and rugs designed to indicate sites of potential fortune. All works 2009-2013.

Sites from museum basements to the physical substrate of a magazine are explored for their material and economic potentials. These projects include Consulting Mediums, Finding meaning(s) in uncertain times, 2009 at SculptureCenter NYC which include a series of sculptures inspired by historic divining rods. These sculptures then have been used to dowse for potential mineral wealth beneath the floor of cavern-like basement project space.

The series expanded to include multiple sculptural forms and carpet treatments in exhibitions including Green Honey, Ramiken Crucible, NYC – 2010; Multiple Pleasures, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, NYC – 2010; and Against the Way Things Go, Gassert Grunnert Gallery, NYC – 2011. Subsequent pieces explore the hunt, movement in space, and tracking.