• Ransom, 2007, collaged currencies reprinted in ink on paper in cardboardhandmade “paper bag,” 20 x 12 x 7 1/2.”
  • The Invisible Glove (Center for Tactical Magic???), petersimensky.com, 2007
  • Ransom letter response.
  • Ransom package sent c/o Liz Thomas at UC Berkeley Museum for The Invisible Glove (Center for Tactical Magic???)
  • Neutral Capital Counterfeit 100

2007, Collection II Ransom

I asked the Center for Tactical Magic for a contribution to my Neutral Capital Collection…instead they came up with a vigilante response to my request by stealing my “e – identity.” To get it back I had to pay a huge sum of Neutral Capital. These artists beat me at my owngame… or did they?