• Pyrite Pirate Radio
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - drum kit, 2021
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - drum kit (detail) 2020
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - DJ Ducky, 2020
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - pink hair I don’t care, 2021
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - pink hair I don’t care (detail), 2021
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - Green Frog 2020
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - studio view
  • Pyrite Pirate Radio - stands

Pyrite Pirate Radios – Stands

Sculptural objects double as receivers, transmitters and antenna built for nimble transport and assembly.

Each handmade radio is designed using coiled copper wire, radio parts, and a pyrite stone. Both the radios and transmitters may be operable continuously with recorded content or may be used for live programming to transmit ideas, experiments, collaborations, community engagements, and interventions.

Each radio has its own personality, formal vocabulary and palette. Antennas are integrated into the base structure, such as the umbrella while others are designed to connect as an adjacent series of objects or architecture. One of several iterations, this custom radio uses brass cymbal and chimes as its antennas for capture of shortwave radio broadcasts.